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We unleash the power of data in health security and pandemic risk mitigation. Data is the key in solving the challenge of responding to imminent and ongoing health security crises to mitigate loss and improve our ability to recover, together.

The SmartX HUB AIOT and analytics platform is a cost-effective way to continuously monitor and proactively manage the location, status and condition of all people across the enterprise in real-time.

Ensure the Safety of Your Workforce with Temperature Screening Platform

The flexible and user-friendly Central Management System (SmartX HUB®) platform enables administrators to manage ID group and schedule setting, as well as generate graphical reports of access logs and temperature records for better monitoring. It significantly enhances the operational efficiency of both administration and security personnel, saving their time to improve productivity.

The back-end cloud Platform provides multi-user access, the ability to remotely monitor each deployed Terminal, multi-point terminal deployment, and control, data traceability, big data analysis, visual data presentation, and customize alerts.


With unlimited fields and configurations, you decide how SmartX’s intuitive interface functions for your unique needs. Quickly integrate with legacy systems and seamlessly import data from existing spreadsheets.
SmartX HUB provides immediate alerts to designated personnel via SMS and/ or e-mail when temperature or survey thresholds are triggered, denying access to the desired location/area until the risk is mitigated.

Location & Path Tracking

Location tracing is about controlling, documenting, and coordinating people flows through your facility. Using the breadcrumb trail capability, monitor where employees and visitors are and restrict access to safeguard certain areas.

Raise alarms if the personnel is moved outside of allowed visit areas. 

Path tracing is about reducing contact incidents by controlling traffic flow. By monitoring Entry and Exit locations and directional pathways, organizations can ensure staff is complying with the new routes. The system can either alert users if they are not following the pathways or create Floor Map View reports for personnel footprint.

SmartX Hub Platform technology is also ideally suited for time and attendance reporting. The solution can provide a real-time automatic roll call of employees on-site at any time. Plus, the technology integrates with the payroll system and provides time-stamped entry and exit reports.

Our Solution Pricing

Placing a temperature screening solution is not a one-size-fits-all fix.
SmartX can custom design a solution to fit the needs of your organization.

Automated AI Temperature Screening System

See SmartX HUB AIoT in action!

Help your business determine presence of elevated temperature with employees, visitors, staff, students, or attendees entering your facility.

The SmartX Suite provides you with data insights that improve decision making in resource planning,
operations, quality control and SAFETY.